Happiness is less sore muscles!! This is an amazing concentration of Very Nice People who do massage When you first make an appointment, you are asked what sort of massage you would prefer and then you're matched with one of the therapists whose "touch" would be good for you. I wanted something somewhat light at first and Rose was my therapist. Rose is a STEALTH therapist. Her touch is very light but intense. You will walk away feeling no pain...until later! But it's that good unraveling pain that lets you know she's actually hit on all the spots you need worked out. Karen uses a much firmer pressure; Erin falls somewhere in between. I'd see any of them any time again. Trust me, they will make appointments for you with the person you will need! I've gone there for two separate incidents and they were accomodating to my schedule (within reason, of course) and very kindly have taken care of dealing with the weirdness of my insurance(s).

Tracy S

I have had 3 massages here in the past month, as part of therapy for back pain. Tara is great! Not only does she target the massage to alleviate the very tight muscles that contribute to my back pain, but she also has taught me some specific stretches to help keep the muscles looser. She is very thorough in interviewing and examining me at each visit, and tracking my progress. Also, they now have on-line appt making, so no need to call in and try to figure out appt times that will work! I really appreciate this effort to be efficient for me and them!

Sandy B

Just a quick note to say I LOVE the new place! It's beautiful, great location, and huge!:) The decor is wonderful- the colors are so soothing. I just wish I still live at Lion's Gate and could walk over, get massage, walk home and relax! Wish I could come every week! It's so wonderful to be back in the area and have Carey's healing massages. I was there a few weeks ago and for the first time since I left in 2008, I felt muscles relax and get the "grainy" out. Carey seems to know exactly how to heal my neck, back, and head. I've been to other LMTs over the years and I have never had one find my trigger points so completely. I cannot wait to come back on the 24th!

Cathy W

I love LWMT! I've been seeing Carey for 6 months now, and it's the best medical decision I ever made. I've been to numerous physical therapists in the past, but none were able to alleviate my pain & stress like massage therapy has. I love how they take a medical approach to massage they keep notes at every visit and make sure that they treat you holistically, rather than just focusing on one area of pain at a time. As a full time wedding photographer, weekly (or bi-weekly) massages keep my muscles tension-free and have greatly reduced my post-wedding pain. That makes it worth every penny.

Arika P

I had a wonderful time with Carey yesterday. She's great. I felt a lot better and I think ready for my ride this Saturday. I have a difficult time feeling comfortable with a lot of LMTs. Not so with here.

Michael C

I just wanted to let you all know what a wonderful therapist you have in Carey. I have been going to Carey for quite a long time. Originally I was referred to your clinic through my doctor, Dr. Lee of Northwest Spine & Sports. Unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover massage but Carey has made me a firm believer in the benefits of massage. I even told Dr. Lee he should be sending all of his patients with my type of back problems to Carey because she certainly knows what she's doing. Carey's attitude and her outgoing personality always make it a pleasure to come there. Your clinic is always very clean and welcoming and I would recommend you to anyone seeking a good therapeutic massage. Keep up the good work and great service.

Mollie W